September 30, 2023
Olive, Mabel & Me

The eagerly anticipated book from Andrew Cotter: Follwing his life and adventure with two very good dogs!

So when Covid hit I had heard about a couple of dogs going viral over in the UK over their cute and their everyday antics. The first video was hillarious watching the two canines eating their breakfast with Mr Cotter doing a running commentary over the clip. Over the next following months he released a load more videos with commenatry of the dogs going about eveyday life.

It took a while for the US publishers to catch up over here and relase the book in the US. I had reserved a copy. I literally read it over a few days. Has super cute pictures of the dogs in the middle of it

The book talks about how Andrew Cotters life with Olive and Mabel and a bit about how he came to get the dogs and what he used to do before the pandemic hit. He is a sports commentator from the UK who before covid went to various sporting events to commentate. Andrew is a keen walker and enjoys hikes up the Scottish Mountains in Scotland.

If you want to get yourself a copy to read then this is where you can easily get hold of a book:

Also available at other bookstores and outlets.

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