September 30, 2023

Thinking of a new piece of workout equipment for your home gym?  Remember having a pogo as a kid? Why not try adding a pogo stick to your workout routine.

Think Gizmos now offer the Pogo King Pogo Stick on the market for adults. Similar to the ones the kids use but are bigger in size and can withstand more weight.

 Think Gizmo pogo stick King has been designed for adults who love to bounce. The Pogo King model of pogo stick is an impressive jumping stick for adults who weigh 80-160lbs (36-72kg). The Pogo Stick assists in building up core muscle, aids with balance and helps to build strong leg muscles. They also do a smaller pogo stick for kids Aero Advantage pogo stick take a look on Amazon for further info.

Their latest design ensures a great performance. The Think Gizmos King Pogo Stick incorporates a powerful low friction spring for improved performance. It is a great way to tone your leg muscles and improve your core balance.

When first trying the King Pogo Stick out it took a while to get my balance and co ordnaite the jumping without boucing off. But after a few attempts it its like riding a bike in that you will remember time and time again. The grooves on the foot pads help with keeping your feet in the right position and the foam handles are comfortable to hold onto.

The King Pogo stick takes take up little space, much smaller than a trampoline to find room for, can easily fit in an understairs cupboard or the wardrobe or any small space.

Dont forget to use your safety helmet and elbow/knee pads! Happy Bouncing!

You can get the Think Gizmos Pogo King Pogo stick at:

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