November 29, 2023

I have to say I am an avid fan of the Our Generation dolls and asccessories. They are a delight!

My youngest is building up her collection of these Dolls and so for her birthday I decided to purchase the Lily Anna version. We have others already but I was loving the look of this doll as she has horse riding attire.

The Our Generations are a bit of investment, but in my opinion well worth the extra dollars over a non branded doll.All the accesories that are with our Generaion dolls fit the other dolls from them. The clothes are really well stitched and made to last.

My daughter has spent many hours with friends playing with these dolls and they are set up with accessories for role play.

The Lily Anna Doll comes again with her own set of accessories. As you can see in the pic below it. She comes with an etxra outife to change her into when she isn’t in her horse riding outfit. They have given her a dressage rosette for her horse and the lemodade cups are just adorable. Great for another type of role play.

Also in the set is a really cute little booklet / mini story to read.

Whats great about these dolls is even after hours of play they are still in great condition and will be able to be passed on once my daughter outgrows dolls in years to come.

If you want to get your own Lily Anna doll you can find her her on amazon:

or from their main store:

Lily Anna Read and Play Set

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