September 30, 2023

So I was given the Think Gizmos Owl Clock as a birthday present. I am a lover of all things owls and enjoy a puzzle so guess that’s why they got me a build your own jigsaw puzzle Owl Clock.??!

First impressions: So the Owl clock came in a nice box. It has an instruction manual to follow and the pieces are all made of wood that you need to push out before the assembly starts. On first look it does look a bit complicated… but I see this as a challenge. The age range on the owl clock is 12 plus so should be ok. It has 161 pieces so could take a while. It says in the manual at the end of the build I will have a working clock with mechanism. So providing I put all the pieces together correctly and take care I might have an awesome clock at then end of the build.

The Think Gizmos Owl Clock 3D Jigsaw came with a set of paints. I had a think and decided to paint it before assembly. Think this was a good idea as when I made a start on opening the pieces out to start the assembly – it gets a bit tricky. Think that if you made the owl first and then painted it it would be more complicated to get into the small edges.

I needed to sand a couple of the pieces to successfully fit together. The kit came with the sandpaper and the glue so its a complete set. It’s definitely a take your time to build for the best results kind of project.

The Owl clock Instruction Manual Book

The Results

My final thoughts: I am really pleased with the way the clock turned out. It looked really nice on the bookcase and it’s a bonus that when you wind it up it actually becomes a clock. If I made it again, I might add in my own paints to make it more unique.

Having a look online I can see they do other sets so I say bring on the next puzzle…. going to tackle the Think Gizmos marble run next!

Where to Buy

If you want to have a go at this build youself and own your own Jigsaw Owl Clock then this is where you can purchase:

They are currently retailing at $47.95

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