September 30, 2023

Have a love of camping and campervan holidays but do not have a love of the piles of dirty laundry after an exciting trip? Do you find you are tight on space and then have to take a mound of clothes with you and still find your kids still get messy and then end up having to find a machine onsite and waste an hour of your holiday while it washes your clothes?

 I have stumbled on a solution. I came across the Think Gizmos Portable Washing Machine. You won’t have to rush home to do the washing again. Or come back with piles and piles of unclean washing.  Its portable and can be set up on a flat surface.

The Portable Washing Machine from Think Gizmos is the ideal portable washing machine for people who don’t have access to or the space for a regular washing machine during their road trips. Great also for homes that have limited space or have to use shared kitchen / bathroom facilities. Great addition to your RV.

The machine does not require plumbing and includes a drainage pump tp help drain the water away fast. You fill the machine from the top with water either with a hose or a bucket, add detergant and clothes and then set it to wash. The wash cycle can run up to 15 minutes on either a soft or normal wash which means you can decide what you are washing if it is a more delicate wash or a normal wash. If you require a longer wash cycle you can start the cycle again once the intial one has finished.

The portable washing machine needs to be placed somewhere that the water can drain away after the wash cycle and spin cycle. As the dirty water comes out of a small hose style pipe at the bottom / back of the machine. The latest model now includes a built-in water drain pump which makes it even easier to drain the machine. Simply swtich the dial to drain and the water is pumped out of the washer.

The strong and durable Portable Washing Machine features two tubs, one tub for washing the clothes and one tub for spinning. It has a capacity of a 7.9lbs Wash and 4.4lbs Spin.

If you looking at purchasing one of the Think Gizmos Portable Washers they can be found at:

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