September 30, 2023

This is my second creative project from Think Gizmos. The first the Think Gizmos Owl Clock 3D Puzzle was gifted to me as a present. This one I have bought myself as I enjoyed making the Owl Clock.

Think Gizmos Marble Run

So the Think Gizmos Marble Run 3D Jigsaw. What’s it like? Well ultimately it is a jigsaw style puzzle in 3D, that you piece together to build you own marble run.  It is designed for kids aged 14 plus and adult’s, as the build of the Marble Run requires thought and a little bit of patience. It does have a few spares if you happen to make an error or break one of the pieces in it.

It comes with the marbles that fit to the track so you do not need to purchase anything extra it’s all included in the box.

It has sections of sheets of cut laser wood, that you need to carefully press out the individual pieces and then follow the instructions to build the run. The Marble Run comes with a set of paints that you can either use or not. This time I decided not to paint the Marble run as I liked the colour of the wood just plain. If you are thinking you might like to paint your Marble run then it is easier to do the painting before you start to assemble.

It is a little bit complicated and not a quick build. I like these kind of projects as they take a while but are ultimately satisfying when completed. One it is made I had a fully functioning marble run.

My final thoughts: Take your time and you will achieve a fully working marble run that looks great and also has hours of play to it once built.

Where to purchase

The Think Gizmos Marble Run is available to purchase on Amazon:

Its currently priced at $36.95.

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