September 30, 2023
Musical Walking Dog Toy

Got absolutely no idea what to buy for the child in your family? Looking for that perfect gift for your little one in the USA? The Boppin, Shakin, Walking Dog toy is the ideal gift for any occasion! Who doesn’t love dogs!? Check out the Brands promo video:

What is it

The Boppin, Shakin, Walking Dog toy from Think Gizmos is a robotic furry friend who will make the perfect addition to any household. I know when I was little, I would constantly nag my parents to get a dog, but I wasn’t allowed. If you are in the same position as my parents were, this could be the answer to your prayers! Whilst not a real dog, it is the second-best thing! This dog will not only go on walks with you, but it will also play you music you can dance and bop around to it! Awesome Dancing Toy dog. Who even needs a real dog? (this one is certainly less smelly!).

Review From a buyer

“I bought this robot dog from Think Gizmos as a steppingstone for my son before we get a real dog in the future. There are so many robotic dog toys out there but, honestly, the cool glasses on this one really captured my interest. When it arrived, I was so impressed by the quality of the product and the exciting amount of things the dog can do. My son absolutely loves it, and I would definitely recommend to any other parents looking for a similar thing”

Currently the Boppin, Shakin, Walking Dog toy is available on the Amazon for $49.95 with free delivery. They also have a really sweet Dancing Llama Toy, which could be the perfect gift if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual than a dog.

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