September 30, 2023

Remember Whack- a- Mole? Well the old school game has had an upgrade. Welcome Think Gizmos Whack a Frog! Its the same sytle as Whack-a-Mole but has these really cute little green frogs instead.

This fun looking game is easy to play and is great for kids and grown ups a like. Have a family competition to see who can be ultimate champion and whack the most frogs.

The aim of the game is to try and hit as many frogs as you can using the soft mallet provided when the frogs light up a different color. If you miss a frog then the game is over and you can reset and play again.

Whilst playing the Whack-A-Frog game you can choose from two different game modes. The game increases in difficulty as you progress it has an amazing 38 different speed changing levels. There is a handy display at the top of the frog which shows you how many Frogs you have managed to hit every game. Kids will have a great time playing along with the Whack- A- Frog.

What’s so great about the Think Gizmos Whack a Frog version is that it comes in 4 different languages epic right!

Unlike some of the cheaper versions the Think Gizmos Whack- A -Frog is made from safe, durable and non-toxic ABS Plastic the Whack-A-Frog game is designed to last and be enjoyed time and time again.

Everything needed to enjoy this toy are included in the box, this includes the mallet and the 3x AA Batteries required. Perfect to give as a present for Christmas or Easter.

Where to Buy

Get you own Think Gizmos Whack-A-Frog from The game is currently on sale for $45. If green isn’t your color then take a lok at the Think Gizmos Whack-A Frog in Blue. Maybe get one of each if you can’t decide which color you like the most

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