September 30, 2023

New to Barbie comes the Barbie Cutie Reveal. So Barbie have already done Barbie Reveal using the surpise paint coating where you dunk the doll in water and see what doll you get. This is on a smilar line but with less choice. So you have to choose whether you want a Panda/ Bunny/ Puppy or Kitten.

Then you open up the package and see what you get in terms of accessories. Its a bit like a cross between a surprise doll and a LOL surprise in that you get the blind bags to open but you already know what outfit you are getting as it is plastered all over the box!

Barbie Cutie Reveal is the new unboxing experience with 10 surprises, including a Barbie Cutie Reveal doll! Unbox the package to find a soft, plush friend, in this case a bunny and four surprise bags. Remove the bunny costume from the doll to find a Barbie doll.

Then move onto opeinng the surprise bags to find shimmery clothes, accessories, a sponge-comb and a mini pet. You get a mini pet bunny with the bunny. Mini pet panda with the panda and so on. Then you can dress and accessorise Barbie doll. The costume top reverses and becomes a super-soft fleece jacket which is a different style to the dress up costume and the costume head can then be used as a pet bed for the mini pet you get.

Animal face paint appears on Barbie doll’s face when you use water on it, and the mini pet can ‘open and close’ its eyes using the water technique too.. Just use the sponge-comb and ice-cold water to activate then change the face of the mini pet back with warm water.

These dolls are super cute but they kinda aren’t that much of a surprise. If you are a Barbie fan then you will surely love them. If you are looking for an Unboxing experience with a lot of surprise then a LOL Doll might be worth a look. Or if you want a more surpise but sticking with Barbie then the standard Barbie reveal is more random as you really dont know which doll you are going to get until the paint coating comes off.

Where to Buy

So prices on these dolls vary. You can get them from Amazon the Bunny version is currently the most expensive at $17.84. I noticed it is the same at Target that the bunny one is a couple of dollars more expensive than the other versions so must be the most popular of the designs, so best to shop around or go for a different reveal doll over the bunny if you arent massively bothered which one you get.

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