September 30, 2023

For all the kids who love to pretend play being Construction workers this is the kit you need. The Think Gizmos Kids Toy Tool Set comes with 40 individual pieces in the set. Plenty of different tools to use in pretend play and share between friends.

So whats in the box? So you get a range of pretend tools to play with including a hammer with some pretend nails that you can use to hammer into the fake wood. There is a mini saw and also a wrench with some pretend screws that you can use the wrench with to tighten up or you can equally use your hands. There is a screwdriver, tool belt, spirit level and plyers also in the set.

It comes with this awesome electric drill which has realistic sounds adding to the authenticity of the kit. The drill has a few different drill bits which can be swopped over just like a real drill!

Once your little one has finished playing all the tools fit neatly into the provided tool box so they can be stored together in one place for another day.

This picture shows all the things you get in the Think Gizmos pretend play Kids Tool Set, all set out.

Your little one can imiagine they are helping out with all the DIY jobs around the house or use their imaginaition to become a budding builder. With 40 peices it really is a fab present idea too.

These toy tools are made from strong, durable and non-toxic ABS plastic. Which is piece of mind when buying. I would say they are aimed at 3+ because the kit doesn have a few small parts in it.

Where to Buy

Currently you can get the Think Gizmos pretend play Kids Tool Set from Amazon.

Its current retail price is $22.95 Which I think is a very reasonable price for all the set and all the pieces you get with it. Happy Pretend Building!

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