September 30, 2023

Zephyr Fidget Seat Cushion from Think Gizmos could be used as an extra bit of comfort for your office or Gaming Chair might need. It’s an inflatable air seat cushion which you can inflate to suit your needs. The cushion is portable and designed to be non slip.

The cushion comes with a pump for inflation which is useful as there is no need to locate a pump in your house or go out and try find one to fit.

The air filled seat cushion has 56 individual air pockets. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Good for office chairs, home, travel, or wheelchair use.

When sat on the air pockets that receive the weight of the body push air in the cushion to the outer pockets, producing a uniformly pressurised “anti-gravity” effect.

This process can help take the load from the vertical pressure of around 1/3 of your body weight, greatly reducing the load and pressure on the tail vertebra in the body.

Customer Reviews

“Works well, Needed it, because had spine surgery,”

“A comfy bit of kit when blown to the right pressure”

Where to Buy

You can order your own Cushion from Amazon using the link below. Or alternatively order direct from the Think Gizmos website.

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